The Company

“Big Brewery” technology re-designed for small breweries,
DALUM manufactures CO2 recovery units that enable craft breweries to capture and re-use CO2 emissions, eliminating the need to purchase the CO2 required for the brewing process – for greener production at lower costs.

The Challenge

The recovery units must be reliable, running whenever there is a source of CO2 available, whether at night or over the weekend when no staff is on duty, to maximize productivity. The brew master is therefore forced to constantly monitor the CO2 system and intervene if necessary.
Additionally, Dalum looked for a solution that would allow them to monitor machine performance in real time and access historical data to troubleshoot and optimize processes for their customers. Meeting these challenges was crucial to providing top-notch service and creating a competitive edge in the craft brewing market.

The Solution

Aware that IIoT technology was the answer to their challenges, Dalum chose to partner with Unitronics and leverage their UniCloud IIoT platform. In conjunction with Unitronics PLC + HMI controllers and VFDs for variable speed implementation, the UniCloud platform provided Dalum with a comprehensive complete solution to enhance their offerings and achieving their goals.


Dalum utilized UniCloud’s easy-to-use designer to create their own dashboards tailored to their specific application. Real-time data is easily displayed via drag & drop widgets such as gauges, graphs, and charts, allowing customers to have a quick overview of the CO2 recovery process. Critical indicators like the CO2 unit’s functionality, speed, and system status are readily available at their fingertips.

In addition, UniCloud’s alarm notification feature was of immense value to Dalum and their customers. By setting specific limits, customers are immediately notified via SMS / Email if any deviations occur, enabling them to take immediate action to modify parameters or address issues. This proactive approach to monitoring and control ensures smooth and efficient brewery operations.

UniCloud’s ability to collect and display historical data played a pivotal role in Dalum’s success. Valuable statistics are provided to both customers and Dalum’s technicians, enabling troubleshooting and optimization to prevent disruptions and improve performance. This wealth of information allows breweries to make data-driven decisions and implement appropriate measures to achieve the best results.

The end result: happy customers and Sustainable Breweries. When Unitronics UniCloud runs an unattended brewery’s CO2 processing, Monday morning holds no surprises.


Dalum Beverage Equipment’s collaboration with Unitronics UniCloud has reformed craft brewing, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective CO2 processing. Breweries can now enjoy real-time monitoring, data-driven decision-making, and agile and adaptive development.

In addition, since UniCloud is a no-code platform, Mr Dalum was pleased that they were able to complete the project without the expense of hiring or consulting IT professionals, and that Unitronics technical support experts, were available to help at all times.

Dalum’s founder, Kim Dalum:

“UniCloud improves our customer experience and satisfaction by freeing them from on-site monitoring. By incorporating UniCloud we were able to complete the project without the expense of hiring or consulting IT professionals. We saved on cost and time. Moreover, we now can offer customers to save cost, energy and emission by the use own CO2 from the fermentation and in some cases even sell its surplus CO2 alongside their beer for additional income.”